Understanding the Privacy Policy of ThePokies83

The Pokies 83 prioritizes the privacy of its visitors, underlining the significance of understanding how personal information is managed. This article dissects and elucidates the Privacy Policy applicable to users visiting www.thepokies83.net.


By utilizing ThePokies 83, users express their consent to adhere to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Data Collection and Usage

Types of Collected Information: The website gathers various data types based on user interaction:

  • Registration and Communication:
    • Personal Details: When users register or communicate directly, information like name, email, phone number, and message contents might be collected.
  • Browsing Data:
    • Log Files: Standard internet log files record details such as IP addresses, browser types, ISP, timestamps, and visiting pages.
    • Cookies and Web Beacons: To enhance user experience, cookies store visitors' preferences, and page interactions.

Application of Collected Information: ThePokies 83 Australia utilizes collected data to:

  • Enhance, operate, and maintain the website.
  • Analyze user engagement and website usage.
  • Develop new services and features.
  • Communicate for updates, promotional purposes, and customer service.
  • Conduct fraud detection and prevention.

Advertising and Third-party Privacy

Third-party Partners: Various third-party advertisers on The Pokies83 net employ cookies and other technologies like JavaScript and Web Beacons to personalize and measure the effectiveness of their advertising content.

Note: ThePokies83 does not control these third-party cookies.

Users' Privacy Controls

  • Cookie Management: Users can control their cookie settings through their browser options.
  • Opting Out: For detailed instructions on opting out from specific advertisers, users should refer to their Privacy Policies.

Legal Compliance and User Rights

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act): California residents have rights like:

  • Requesting disclosure of personal data collected.
  • Demanding the deletion of personal data.
  • Opting out of the sale of personal data.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): All users, particularly within the EU, have rights such as:

  • Access to personal data.
  • Rectification of inaccurate data.
  • Erasure of data under certain conditions.
  • Restriction on processing personal data.
  • Objection to data processing.
  • Data portability requests.

Response Time: ThePokies83 aims to respond to user requests within one month.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or exercise of data protection rights, users are encouraged to contact the organization directly.

Quick Reference Table




Applicable to online activities at www.thepokies78.net

User Consent

Required for website use

Data Collection

Personal information, log files, cookies


Website operation, user experience enhancement, communication, fraud prevention

Third-Party Privacy

Controlled by respective third-party advertisers

User Control

Cookie management through browsers; opt-out options

Legal Compliance

CCPA (for California consumers), GDPR (for EU citizens)


Access, rectification, erasure, restriction, objection, portability


Direct communication for exercising rights or queries

This comprehensive overview offers a structured and clear understanding of The Pokies 83's approach to privacy, highlighting user rights, data collection methods, and management of personal information.